G-188N: NATURAL Kinkaloo Basket = 4 per Case


This adorable and functional basket was adapted from a traditional style purse carried by shepherds in the northern region of Ghana. It works nice as a purse, carry-all, or foraging basket. This unique bell shaped basket comes with a leather shoulder strap and a woven grass lid. Each basket comes in NATURAL (no color). The variegated nature of the fibers adds unique beauty to each basket. This particular basket has a large visual variation in size between baskets, but all fall in the range of below dimensions.

4 baskets per case.

Basket Dimensions: 6″- 9″ diameter (at widest part of the bell shape) x 5″- 8″ tall (not including the straps) top rim diameter is closer to 4″-5″

SRP: $46

UPC: 8721242001199

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SKU: G-188N